vpcs new port , need help with creating my first Portfile

Lastic ppc lasticppc at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 21:16:57 UTC 2019

Hi everybody,

Longtime user of Macports on PowerPC (OS X Leopard) and now under guidance
of kencu ,
co-maintainer of smtube.

My goal is to automate everything that I installed from sources into

Starting with something small.


It needs standard gcc and make ,even the Apple versions.

Before install it needs a patch /src/command.c for a test which fails on OS
X in general
(Intel/PowerPC) , I've attached the patch.

Inside the /src directory you need to launch mk.sh for which I have created
a patch
so that it would also create a specific Makefile for PowerPC.

With the help of Kencu I've found some info fetching from svn , patching
files but the one
thing I'm stuck on is ,the launch of mk.sh ?

Where do I define this ?

Also mk.sh doesn't have an install so the binary is inside the /src

Can I specify an action in the Portfile so it does get copied to
/opt/local/bin ?

Thanks everybody for your time and patience,

Erik ( Lastic )
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