afsctool beta testers

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sat Jan 5 10:30:23 UTC 2019


Some of you probably know I have more or less taken over afsctool development from the original author (who is fine with this AfAIHS).

Recent evolutions include less aggressive memory requirements, experimental support for files >= 2Gb and LZVN compression (see the README for requirements).

I'm putting off doing a v1.7 release until I've had a bit more feedback on the LZVN compression feature and possibly discussion whether or not *actual* LZVN DEcompression should be implemented (rather than just letting the OS do it behind the scenes as I do now).

Once that release is out we can look once more at updating port:afsctool (my personal port follows my afsctool fork, evidently).


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