Online meeting today at 15:00 UTC (in 4 hours)

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Sat Jan 12 11:01:37 UTC 2019


I think I first messed up the addition and subtraction in time zones
(last time it was apparently at 13:00 UTC), and then with sending out
the email yesterday under the wrong address. I wanted to ask if there
were any participants from the far east or west who wanted to
participate, in that case we could shift the hour, but since we only
had people from UTC+1 and UTC+5.5 who raised their hands, we'll stick
with 15:00 UTC for now.

This is the calendar:

And this is for hangouts (last time we had a much shorter link, I'm
unable to come up with that shorter one this time, but if anyone knows
how, feel free to post something better):

Meeting notes will be collected here:

- Google Summer of Code 18 & 19
- MacPorts Meeting in 2019
- Software Freedom Conservancy
- Review open pull requests and roadmap for base
- ... any other topics open for proposal?

Looking forward to see you soon,

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