Online meeting today at 15:00 UTC (in 4 hours)

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Sat Jan 12 19:26:01 UTC 2019


Here's the summary of today's meeting.

=== Next online meeting

Scheduled two weeks from now (January 26th), with the stress on GSOC.
We'll adjust the timing based on requests to join from USA or
Australia, please raise your hands if you want to join.

=== MacPorts Meeting 2019

We shortlisted some dates (Saturday - Wednesday):
- 6.-10. April
- 11.-15. May
- 8.-12. June
Aljaž is suggesting June to hopefully get nicer weather, potentially
the ability to go swimming etc.

The idea is to organize the meeting in Trieste, Aljaž will try to find
a suitable place to stay. If you would like to join, please cast the
vote for your favourite date. If none of those dates suit you and you
would like to join, please let us know.

=== Google Summer of Code

* We are looking for volunteers to mentor the students.
* We would probably not participate with more than one or two
projects, but we will only apply if we get sufficient interest from
potential mentors (ideally those who know the base).
* Me and Umesh could guide a student working on buildbot or webapp,
but that's not sufficient on itself to apply.
* Jackson would require hardware to be able to help more :)
* We need to attach "sample tasks" to all the ideas that we are
suggesting to students (for screening the students for their fitness
to work in GSOC).

=== Software Freedom Conservancy

We discussed joining SFC. I sent an email to the PortMgr, but that
list is slightly quiet :).
We will repeat the initiative on this mailing list. It could be nice
to try if we could get some co-funding for the meeting.

=== Travis

* Zero recently made quite some improvements to our bot & Travis
infrastructure. Thank you very much!
  * Private repositories for binary packages are now used.
  * Packages are always built from source.
  * Obsolete packages are no longer scheduled for build, just to fail anyway.
  * Some improvement in the bot.
* He is looking for some further suggestions that could improve our experience.
  * (My not-too-serious suggestion was to ping participants after two
weeks of no activity, to simplify Perry's life :)
* Zero was thinking of starting to work on a script that could
automatically update port version based on livecheck results and
automatically create a pull request. This would be a very welcome
  * My question was whether we could also automate revbumping
dependent ports, but this is slightly more challenging.
* Zero is looking into the other tickets (four tickets are currently
open) and into automating releases. He asked if someone (Clemens?)
could create an account on Bintray, but he'll send the details over
the mailing list.
* Zero asked if it was possible NOT to result in an error in "port
test" when a port doesn't have any tests defined. At the moment he
cannot enable running tests on Travis since that would almost always
result in a failure when the port didn't implement that functionality,
even if there was sufficient time left to run the tests.
* Rainer promised to create ticket for base to support "port bintest"
which could test something like "binaryname --version" or do some
other simple test to check whether a port is working after it's being
installed. This could also be a potential GSOC task, even though too
small all by itself.

=== MacPorts base

(Looking for volunteers to rewrite the base to python to gain more
contributors :) :) :)
Jackson will start drafting some introduction to programming MacPorts base.

=== Participants (in order of appearance)

* umeshksingla (Umesh)
* mojca (Mojca)
* g5pw (Aljaž)
* l2dy (Zero)
* raimue (Rainer)
* ijackson (Jackson)

Thanks to everyone for participation, even if the schedule was a bit
messy today, sorry for the confusion :)


On Sat, 12 Jan 2019 at 12:01, Mojca Miklavec <mojca at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I think I first messed up the addition and subtraction in time zones
> (last time it was apparently at 13:00 UTC), and then with sending out
> the email yesterday under the wrong address. I wanted to ask if there
> were any participants from the far east or west who wanted to
> participate, in that case we could shift the hour, but since we only
> had people from UTC+1 and UTC+5.5 who raised their hands, we'll stick
> with 15:00 UTC for now.
> This is the calendar:
> And this is for hangouts (last time we had a much shorter link, I'm
> unable to come up with that shorter one this time, but if anyone knows
> how, feel free to post something better):
> Meeting notes will be collected here:
> Topics:
> - Google Summer of Code 18 & 19
> - MacPorts Meeting in 2019
> - Software Freedom Conservancy
> - Review open pull requests and roadmap for base
> - ... any other topics open for proposal?
> Looking forward to see you soon,
>     Mojca

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