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Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Sun Jan 13 20:33:29 UTC 2019

On Sun, 13 Jan 2019 at 12:45, Ruben Di Battista wrote:
> Just as suggestion, there's a package manager named Spack that is quite similar to Macports (and Brew) that is made for HPC deployment on clusters, but I'm also using it for installing software on Linux in my $HOME when I don't have admin rights. It works already for Mac and it basically has all the pieces needed for replicating Macports functionalities...
> I'm not a great fan or replicating work so if you're really thinking about rewriting the base in Python looking at Spack could be a great way.

It's more of a wishful thinking than a real plan.

Adapting another system would require a huuuuuge amount of work to
implement some of the missing features that are important to us (for
example, installing Spack requires installing fortran from MacPorts or
another package to start with) and an enormous effort of rewriting all
the ports.

Rewriting the base would also require a looooot of work (and even more
bugfixing), and then we would have issues making the existing ports
work, or someone would need to write really good bindings.

At the moment I don't see how any of that work could realistically be
done with the resources we have right now. We would need one or
several brilliant developer(s) to start with ...


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