Help with a Portfile (part 2)

Eric F (iEFdev) eric at
Wed Jan 16 22:36:00 UTC 2019

On 1/16/19 23:11 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> For the maintainer… The old 'libgeoip' was pixilla. I sent him an email asking if he wanted this one as well, but haven't heard anything. I guess nomaintainer is better, unless I should be in there. It's ok.
> pixilla hasn't been seen in awhile. We're planning to remove him as maintainer:
> If you want to maintain the port (submit updates; have tickets about the port assigned to you) then list yourself, otherwise don't.
Ok, yes you can add me there, like you wrote earlier.

> If you can do everything that needs to be done for the destroot phase in Tcl code in the Portfile, then yes, you could override the destroot phase entirely using a destroot block.
I sitting with your Portfile edition (mod_*) now and adding the rest. A 'notes',
etc. But, it doesn't install go in to destroot. Only if I use destroot {}. I'll
make a post in the ticket about it.

I thought maybe the other Makefile(.am) should get the same edits, but it didn't

> Ok, if you'd like to make further changes in your branch and submit a PR,
> that's fine. Or if you'd like to attach updated Portfiles to the Trac tickets
> that's fine too. 
> If you have further questions about how to do something in a Portfile, asking on the mailing list is fine. If you have updated versions of Portfiles or patches, attaching them to the ticket is good, or put them in your branch and send a link to that.
Ok. Perfect!

>>> … since github.setup sets it for you;
>> An off-topic question about github.setup… There's no gitlab.setup?
>> Or can it be used by manually specifying some variables? Their API's are almost identical.
>> Haven't seen any port using Gitlab, but it would be great if one could.
> I don't think anybody has worked on a gitlab portgroup. I'm sure there are several ports already for software that's hosted at gitlab. Having such a portgroup is probably a good idea.
I started once making a version of the github-1.0.tcl. I think I came half way,
and then there was the downloads links/API that differed a bit. I can put it up
somewhere if someone wants to help me out on it.

· Eric
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