upt-macports project update and feedback request

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Thu Jun 6 07:36:46 UTC 2019

On 2019-6-6 12:36 , Karan Sheth via macports-dev wrote:
> Community feedback is requested on the following topics:
> 1. The naming convention of Python ports
> For upt to be able to process dependencies correctly and add missing
> packages recursively, it is important to have a consistent naming scheme
> for ports. Currently, that is not completely the case, although most
> ports follow “py-<PyPI/upstream>”. In some cases though we keep the
> capitalization, for some others we convert it to all lowercase;
> additionally, some ports do not follow this convention (e.g.,
> py-dateutil, where PyPI is “python-dateutil” or “py-codestyle”, where
> PyPI is “pycodestyle”).
> Our proposal is to use “py-<upstream.lowercase()>” for all Python ports
> going forward and renaming the ones that currently do not follow this
> convention. Are there any concerns, objections, and/or considerations
> here we might have missed? In any case, we will need to do some renaming
> to get everything consistent (irrespective of what convention we
> choose), but it will help for maintainability in the long run.

I would venture that your tool needs to be able to handle variations in
naming somehow. As far as what the tool should output, I would say
"py-<upstream>" (no changing of case) for modules and "<upstream>" for
apps. The latter especially though may want to be tweaked by the maintainer.

- Josh

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