Feedback request regarding speed optimisations in trace mode

Mihir Luthra 1999mihir.luthra at
Sun Jun 9 07:59:05 UTC 2019

Hi jan,

> How exactly were these numbers obtained? Is it one run?
> An average of ten runs? All following a complete distclean?
> Is it the "real" time as reported by time(1) or somethin else?
> What are the other times reported by time(1), as in
>     $ time sleep 5
>     0m05.01s real     0m00.00s user     0m00.00s system

The time I sent that mail, I was mainly testing same ports repeatedly to
rule out the bugs. So I just took an average of them.
I have made updations to the code since the last time [1].

I tested those ports + some others too last night, you can find the results
in the link below.

Thanks for the help.


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