Peculiar perl version issue

Bruce R Miller bruce.miller at
Wed Jun 12 21:47:41 UTC 2019

On 6/12/19 3:06 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Jun 12, 2019, at 13:41, Bruce R Miller wrote:
>> On 6/12/19 1:14 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> On Jun 12, 2019, at 10:26, Bruce Miller wrote:
>>>> So, apparently the perl portgroup replaces shebang
>>>> lines that it recognizes with a call to the specific
>>>> perl that was specified in the portfile (? is that right?)
>>>> And if so, it doesn't recognize the above line,
>>>> so it leaves it alone.
>>> I can't find any code in the perl5 portgroup that replaces shebang lines. But if you need to do that, it's easy to write an fs-traverse/reinplace loop to do so. Many other ports do something like that, so you can probably find a few lines of code in another portfile that you can copy and paste.

Interesting! It took a bit to recover (some of) my mac- and macports-fu
to set up a local portfile (and avoid all the clever caching of portfiles,
tarballs, etc :> )
And verified that with a normal #!/usr/bin/perl it *does* get replaced by perl-5.26.
And, I tracked down the source of the Perl5 portgroup and also saw no
clue of where that could be happening....

So, I tracked it down to the Makefile that perl's MakeMaker generates;
an innocuous thing called "fixin" does that substitution.
Of course, I don't want it to do the replacement, in general,
except in macports.

So, I guess the ball's back in my court! :>
But thanks for the clues; they helped a lot!!


bruce.miller at

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