Bootstraping MacPorts for testing on Travis/Azure

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Sat Jun 15 13:14:18 UTC 2019


I would like to suggest creating a super simple repository with
bootstrapping tools required to allow other project to test their
software on Travis, Azure etc. *using* MacPorts.

I imagine that it should be possible for the .travis.yml file to simply:
- copy a single file (or clone repository) from a specific location
- execute that file, which would install and update macports (without
installing any ports) as well as remove HB if present
- run "sudo port install foo bar baz" to get dependencies
- run the tests

In particular I would like to enable such tests for two or three of
our GSOC projects: Karan's upt, Arjun's web application, potentially
also for Rajdeep's buildbot.

An example of the use would be the following:

  * Install upt (via macports)
  * loop through a list of rubygems packages, let upt generate ports for them
  * run lint for all of them and maybe even try to build some

  * Install py37-django and the latest postgresql
  * set up the wab app and run unit tests

We do (b) on Ubuntu. Generating packages for (a) could be done on
Linux as well; for linting we would need to at least have MacPorts
installed on Linux which is not any less trivial than installing it on
the mac first.

What I would like to avoid is having hundreds of lines of code in
every single repository that wants to do the testing on macOS just for
the sake of bootstrapping.

Zero, would you be willing to help with that?

Thank you very much,

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