Suggestion to slightly simplify pypi ports

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Sun Jun 23 07:52:44 UTC 2019


I would like to suggest providing simplification for the following four lines:

name                py-foo
version             1.2.3
master_sites        pypi:[string index ${python.rootname} 0]/${python.rootname}
distname            ${python.rootname}-${version}

which could read like the following, for example to set all four lines:

pypi.setup          foo 2.3.1

but we would need to also provide support for:
- cases when "py-foo" isn't pointing to pypi package "foo" (different rootname)
- regular ports outside of python subdir
- proper support when we want to use subports with different packages
  (let's say that we would want to put [py-]buildbot,
[py-]buildbot-console-view, [py-]buildbot-grid-view,
[py-]buildbot-waterfall-view in the same port and create subports with
equally trivial syntax and minimal overhead).

Since Karan is actively working on a tool to create pypi-based ports
it would be nice to come up with suitable portgroup modifications
soon, so that the results can be simplified and so that there will be
less ports to change later.

Any thoughts?

Thank you,

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