Dealing with unstable -devel port

Aaron Madlon-Kay amake at
Wed Jun 26 06:56:00 UTC 2019

Hi all.

I maintain the libusbmuxd-devel port that tracks the upstream master
branch. I just discovered that recent versions are subtly broken, and
I need to roll back to a previous version.

I can handle this fine on my machine for my own purposes, but what
should I do about the port? The important context is

- This port is used as core infrastructure for Flutter, so potentially
any Flutter users will be inconvenienced by this, and would probably
not like to have to set up their own local ports tree just to fix it
- This project hasn't had an official release in years, and it's not
clear when or if another will be made, so -devel is probably the
default for anyone actually using it

I had two ideas:

1. Bump epoch, roll back version of -devel port: Might inconvenience
anyone who actually wants the latest master? (Also I don't like epochs
for aesthetic reasons, but whatever)

2. Add a separate -flutter variant: There's a chance that a fix may be
a long way away, in which case a separate port stably pegged at a good
version could be desirable, especially if there are people who really
do want to track master.


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