Interesting discussion about Chocolatey and Homebrew build from source deprecation

Mark Anderson mark at
Wed May 8 12:47:10 UTC 2019

Everytime I get frustrated with MacPorts, I look at homebrew, scroll
through the pages, and then just come right back home. So much so that I
have commit rights these days. #macportsforever I'm even going to try and
get my company to allow me to make contributions on company time, which is
a thing I can do with permission. I've just been too lazy to call the
lawyers. Also, if I can work it right, I might be able to scour HomeBrew
from my mac at work, so that I can make sure our tooling works there. But
enough about my schemes: I'm not that hot on the choices they've made, and
I've witnessed some mean behavior from the maintainers that I've just
never seen here. We're a chill bunch. I also love to see that ports and
brew are listed back to back in a lot of "how to install on macOS." Good to
have some friendly-ish competition.


On Wed, May 8, 2019 at 4:40 AM Ruben Di Battista <rubendibattista at>

> I think it's an interesting discussion. Hope you don't mind the little
> spam.
> For me it's one of the reason I stick to Macports.
> Mike McQuaid (@MikeMcQuaid) tweeted at 4:09 PM on Wed, May 01, 2019:
> A discussion between @gep13 (@chocolateynuget Maintainer) and I
> (@MacHomebrew Project Leader) about user requests to build from source in
> Chocolatey and Homebrew's recent deprecation of building from source:
> (
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