GSOC 2019 project: Improvements of Buildbot views (@ MacPorts)

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Thu May 9 21:47:46 UTC 2019

On Wed, 8 May 2019 at 21:00, Rajdeep Bharati wrote:
> Hi,
> I created some issues and found some which would be relevant for the project (as discussed in the IRC meeting):

Thank you.
(Nice to see that I'm not the first one requesting these :)

I assume that we'll also want to add other items for the rest of the
summer to that list?

> @Mojca Miklavec Yesterday you mentioned:
>> 16:33:15 <mojca> regarding the features of the default waterfall view, another problem I saw was that unless one of the builds was done recently, the builder doesn't even show in waterfall; for example, there is no texlive or pplib displayed on

And later Pierre said this was a feature :)

> However, I am unable to find this problem in (it's showing the builders not having recent builds). I'm not sure (it might have been configured in that manner in nine.buildbot, and not present by default).
> I will try to replicate this issue in my local setup.

If you look at
you can see that there is a huge number of "fake commits" from one
project (from periodic scheduler) after the last build of another
project was done. Maybe there's a setting which tells you how many
latest builds / commits to fetch when drawing the waterfall view. I
didn't try to investigate what limits the number of displayed

Now: for me by far more important missing feature is in fact support
for filtering on both console and waterfall. Once filtering and
removal of old builders gets implemented, this particular issue will
be less important.


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