Slack-like chat (also for GSOC)

Rainer Müller raimue at
Fri May 17 22:04:47 UTC 2019

On 17.05.19 23:54, Umesh Singla wrote:
> I tried setting one up. Well, it only takes one to sign up (email
> optional) and create rooms. Please give it
> a try: This
> one's a public room, you can see the messages but not talk until you
> sign up. 

You do not need to create a new room. Please just join the existing, which is bridged to our IRC channel.

I think this is the best approach, because we already have a large user
base in the IRC channel. The Matrix bridge is ideal for those who wish
to use a more mordern client or do not want to run their own bouncer to
always stay connected.

> * Not very sure how they are linked to IRC Freenode nicknames. I did
> notice usernames like freenode__<name> <> or
> telegram__<name> <> in the search box.

Matrix bridges are just channels with a special name. You can just join
them with the normal user interface and it will transparently be mapped
to some other chat service. There are only some special commands, for
example to configure the nickname with which you want to appear to other
IRC users.


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