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Sun May 19 21:59:23 UTC 2019

If you have commit access to MacPorts and the pull request author allows it <>, you can rebase their fork's branch (for example, with git commit --amend --no-edit) and trigger a new CI build. I’d ask before doing this though, since it’ll kill their Git history.

Saagar Jha

> On May 19, 2019, at 14:21, Rainer Müller <raimue at> wrote:
> On 19.05.19 20:45, Christopher Chavez wrote:
>> On 5/19/2019 1:40 PM, Mark Anderson wrote:
>>> making it possible to re-run CI from GitHub commits.
>> As a PR submitter, one workaround I'm aware of is rebasing the PR
>> commit(s). I'm not sure that's something members can/should try though,
>> so a better solution is probably still preferred…
> I would not consider this a workaround, but the best choice we have.
> Re-running the build with the exact same revision would not be that
> useful. Without changes to the source, I would expect the same result.
> As the ports tree and therefore the dependencies have usually advanced
> since the PR was submitted, it makes sense to do a rebase first before
> attempting another build.
> In theory it is possible to restart a build on the Travis CI web
> interface with the same revision, but I am not even sure if all members
> have access to that?
> Rainer

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