Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Sun May 19 23:03:53 UTC 2019

On Mon, 20 May 2019 at 00:05, Mark Anderson wrote:
> Yeah. I don’t like that really. I’ll live with it. I think I can trigger from Travis, if I want to.
> Are we looking to move over to azure pipelines permanently or do we want to try and see what can be done on the Travis side.

Personally I wouldn't spend a tiny bit of effort on Travis, at least
not for port building. Most of the builds time out, and there isn't
all that much that can be done about it. Add to that the fact that
they fired most developers recently ...

What I miss from Azure though is the nice report with the summary of
builds, similar to what we get from Travis (the reports are done by
our own code, written by @l2dy). @l2dy already explained that he
cannot get the same kind of hooks from Azure (or something along those
lines, I forgot the details).

If anyone is willing to spend extra effort, another thing would be to
work on automated builds on self-hosted buildbot workers, but done in
a safe way, which means that we need to implement starting & stopping
VMs with older versions of macOS (as old as it gets) for each PR.
Rajdeep, out GSOC student this year, might work on this a tiny bit,
but his primary task will be something else, so it's unclear how much
could be done within the scope of the GSOC (it's more of an extension


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