Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon May 20 00:12:55 UTC 2019

On May 19, 2019, at 18:14, Mark Anderson wrote:
> Using our own buildbot servers would be pretty cool, where are they hosted? And they go pretty far back, don't they.

The buildbot servers are at my house. I currently have 4 Xserves running VMware ESXi. One is the buildmaster and the other three have builders for 10.6 and up. I also have a Power Mac G5 set up as a 10.5 builder which is temporarily offline. 

The Xserves might have room to add some builders for PRs. The SSDs are pretty full, but if we cant make enough room, there is still an empty PCI slot in each server into which another SSD could be installed. If CPU speed is an issue, purchasing an additional server is not impossible, but before investing further money I would probably want to see an existing working setup on the hardware we already have. 

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