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Mihir Luthra 1999mihir.luthra at gmail.com
Tue May 21 21:30:37 UTC 2019


I have made many improvements to existing code.[1]

As for the latest details, in test file [2], where I have created 4 threads
and inputted 18,228 strings as arguments, it took
0.44 seconds for both insert and search 18228 threads at the same time and
3.5 MB memory (which is 4 times less as per what it was before).
When I did insert and search separately, insert takes 0.4 seconds and
search takes 0.08 seconds.(18228 strings)

Also when I tried running the code into MacPorts-base, it installs the port
to the very end, but when it
“port activate” starts, it says "Backtrace: Image error” and “cannot lstat

insert and search are probably working correctly because for testing I
compared results from search() and __darwintrace_is_in_sandbox()
and the results were always the same and I didn’t find any other seg faults
or any other errors in general.

“:error:activate Failed to activate gperf: Image error: Source file
does not appear to exist (cannot lstat it).  Unable to activate port gperf.”

The log files due to my outputs and darwintrace debug became way too large
and pastbin is not allowing me to host them there.
Should I send log files without Darwin trace debug enabled?

[1] https://github.com/MihirLuthra/sharedMemory

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