URGENT -- massive merge commit on macports/macports-ports

Chris Jones jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Fri May 24 08:27:02 UTC 2019

>> If that is indeed the case (although it would seem strange to me to not have such a commonly used feature), then we should recommend not using it, certainly for MacPorts related work.
> I use the GitHub Desktop app. It is nice to have a graphical display of differences and to be able to select which ones to commit. Do you have a suggestion for something I should use instead?

Me, no. You are asking the wrong person, as I favour the command line 
client ;)

Maybe you could configure git to always do a rebase when pulling into 
your macports checkout.... See for instance


so for instance

 > git config --global pull.rebase true

will configure things to always 'pull --rebase' for all your local 
clones. If you don't want it globally, remove the --global and do it 
locally for each project.

Note, if you do this, you also might want to enable at the same time 
automatic 'autostashing'


with the above, you could make it so

 > git pull

effectively does

 > git pull --rebase --autostash

which is what 'sudo port sync' does anyway under the hood (this is 
actually how I update my local repo most of the time).

( I have no idea though if any GUI you might use will respect any of 
this... If they just run 'git' under the hood it should, but ... )


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