GSOC 2019 Coding period starts tomorrow

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Sun May 26 14:06:17 UTC 2019

Dear Students, Mentors & others,

We are all enthusiastic about the most productive part of the GSOC
that's officially about to start tomorrow.

We have so many projects this year that it became non-trivial to keep
all the relevant URLs in the memory. Please check if I got all the
details right:
(and feel free to do any corrections).

I expect that any project would have weekly meetings with the student
and mentors, solving some more challenging technical details and
planning together etc.

Just curious: would the others find it helpful to have some very very
short weekly(?) meeting with all of the projects together (probably in
written form rather than audio) and any other interested developers?
I'm not even sure if we could find a suitable time slot, it would not
be absolutely necessary to have everyone present every single week,
but it could help boost some motivation, give rise to new ideas when
exchanging experience, sharing progress (and challenges) together etc.

In any case I would like to encourage the students to keep an eye on
each other's project and potentially help with feedback, testing, code
reviews etc.

(For the webapp we'll be provisionally testing gitter for real-time
communication for now. That doesn't mean that we won't decide to
switch later on, I just didn't have time to actually test all the
alternatives, and this will be the first test, as we needed to start
with something quickly.)

I'm looking forward to the summer experience and all the nice products ...


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