Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Nov 4 16:19:27 UTC 2019

On Nov 4, 2019, at 09:43, Joshua Root wrote:

> On 2019-11-5 02:23 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> On Nov 4, 2019, at 00:40, Joshua Root wrote:
>>> How would everyone feel about adding FUNDING.yml files to our repos?
>>> <>
>>> Full disclosure: I've been accepted into the GitHub Sponsors beta. I'd
>>> be happy to recommend any other regular contributors who would like to
>>> participate.
>> I'm not familiar with FUNDING.yml files or GitHub Sponsors beta.
> Please read
> <>
> as well as the link I gave previously.
>> Are you suggesting that individual MacPorts developers would start soliciting donations for the work that they personally contribute to the project? Or that the MacPorts project as an organization would do so?
> I believe that GitHub Sponsors only supports sponsoring individuals at
> present. The button could also display a custom link as done by e.g.
> <>, but I know there are reasons why we
> don't have a way to donate to the project as a whole.
>> If the former, how does that work?
> GitHub users can choose to sponsor anyone with a GitHub Sponsors
> profile. I imagine our file would use the "github: [USERNAME, USERNAME,
> USERNAME, USERNAME]" syntax, resulting in a button with links to all the
> sponsor profiles.

It looks like that syntax is limited to four usernames...

I'm not opposed to individual MacPorts developers signing up for GitHub Sponsors and linking to them, if we can find a way to link to them all in a fair way.

For example we might integrate a sponsor button into each port's page on, if we have an API where we can find out which port maintainers are signed up for GitHub Sponsors.

I'll certainly add myself to the wait list as well.

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