File Doesn't Appear in Release tarball, but is in GitHub master

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sun Nov 17 20:51:35 UTC 2019

On Nov 17, 2019, at 14:37, Steven Smith wrote:

> I have a weird error with the recently merged macos-fortress port.
> sudo port selfupdate
> sudo port install macos-fortress
> throws an error because the file ${filespath}/hosts.orig doesn’t exist.
> I see this file on GitHub:
> But it’s not in /opt/local/var/macports/sources/
> But all the other files are there. Weird that this one file is missing.
> How should this be fixed?

By renaming the file, specifically its extension.

mprsyncup (the script that keeps the rsync server updated) uses `rsync -aIC` to synchronize the files between the git clone and the rsync server directory. The -C part means "auto-ignore files in the same way CVS does". Files whose names end in .orig are among those that get excluded.

If this is a sample file to be installed of which the user will edit a copy, then a suffix like .dist, .sample, .example would be what we usually use.

I don't think anybody's deliberately tried to use a .orig file in MacPorts before. :)

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