File Doesn't Appear in Release tarball, but is in GitHub master

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Nov 17 22:22:31 UTC 2019

On 2019-11-18 08:53 , Steven Smith wrote:
> A separate and likely insignificant issue with the same port. Nevertheless:
> Why don’t the buildbots automatically build the `*-proxy`and its
> dependent subports?
> Everything works locally, but half the Portfile isn’t being tested by
> the buildbots, including the main port ${name}:
>> Port macos-fortress-dshield success on xcode10.3. Log
>> <>
>> Port macos-fortress-emergingthreats success on xcode10.3. Log
>> <>
>> Port macos-fortress-pf success on xcode10.3. Log
>> <>

That output isn't from buildbot, it's from Travis, which reached its
time limit and thus didn't get to all the subports. Azure has a much
longer time limit and built all of them.

- Josh

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