Need help with package that only supplies subports ...

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Apr 9 16:28:41 UTC 2020

On 2020-4-10 02:08 , Edward Maros wrote:
> I have a project that does not distribute any files by default. Instead,
> all distributed are part of various subports. This is because this
> package only provides language bindings (python, etc.) for a dependent
> package. I am getting the error message:
> :error:destroot No files have been installed in the destroot directory!
> :error:destroot Please make sure that this software supports 'make install DESTDIR=${destroot}' or implement an alternative destroot mechanism in the Portfile.
> :error:destroot Files might have been installed directly into your system, check before proceeding.
> Is there a way to set a subport to be built by default?
> Is there a way to have an empty package?

Add code to the Portfile to install at least one file into the destroot.
This can be as simple as a README saying "This port is just a stub."
This is what the python portgroup does for example.

- Josh

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