Problem with libomp (was supertux)

Eric Borisch eborisch at
Sat Dec 5 19:21:42 UTC 2020

We could:

 * leave the current patch applied to clang-* (to teach clang where to get
the library if it is installed)
 * make clang-* no longer depend upon libomp
 * Add a post-install note of "to enable OpenMP support, install libomp"
 * Have libomp depends_build upon the latest clang on the platform (is
there an automagic way to do this?)

For most (standard install; many pre-compiled binaries) users, libomp would
be installed via pre-built packages, and wouldn't have to pull down clang
to build it.

This would also avoid having multiple libomp instances on the system, which
seems like a "good thing".

How does that sound? I like having 'sudo port install clang-X' yield a
fully featured (-fopenmp just works) compiler, but a reminder note and
simple "sudo port install libomp" isn't all bad...

  - Eric
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