FYI -- Parallels 16 now supports BigSur as a VM on older systems

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Sun Dec 6 21:37:42 UTC 2020

> On 2020-12-06-S, at 16:16, Mark Anderson <mark at> wrote:
> Is there a good way to get 10.6 - 10.16 installed in Parallels — I really don't want to download all of them from the app store, if that's even possible.
> —Mark

In my case, I’ve kept an archive of old MacOS installers, combo updates, etc, so I used those.

But you should be able to find download links for old MacOS installers, by digging through Apple’s software update catalogs. (Use keyword ‘sucatalog’ when Googling.) Folks have also published scripts to fetch and parse those, making the process easier. Though I haven’t used them myself.

If you haven’t dealt with those catalogs before, here’s a place to start. Apple has published numerous variations over the years, so this one may — or may not — be the right one: <>

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