FYI -- Parallels 16 now supports BigSur as a VM on older systems

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Dec 7 03:46:01 UTC 2020

On 2020-12-7 13:21 , Michael wrote:
> Ok, lets say I wanted to use a 2014 laptop running 10.9.5 as the host -- which VM would let me run a 10.12 and a 10.14 guest? 
> Bonus points if it can run a 10.7 (lion) guest.
> Triple bonus if it can run either a PPC guest, or a 10.6 running rosetta :-)
> (That's *NOT* a joke, some software never updated.)

VirtualBox works well enough to build MacPorts installers on OS X
versions back to 10.4 Server. I've hosted it on a 2013 Mac Pro and a
2018 Mac mini. The main issue with older OSes is not recognising newer
CPUs. You can make the VM report a fake cpuid to work around that.

- Josh

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