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Nils Breunese nils at breun.nl
Sun Dec 27 05:56:57 UTC 2020

Bjarne D Mathiesen <macintosh at mathiesen.info> wrote:

> When upgrading from php74
> $=> cat php.bash
> #!/opt/local/bin/bash
> phpOld=${1:-74}
> phpNew=${2:-80}
> while read -a portName -u 9
> do
>    toInstall="${portName[0]/${phpOld}/${phpNew}}"
>    installed=$( port -q installed "${toInstall}" | wc -l )
>    [[ ${installed} -eq 0 ]] && port -cuNp install "${toInstall}"
> done 9< <( port -q installed | grep "php${phpOld}" )
> I get the following errors :
> Error: Port php80-event not found
> Error: Port php80-geoip not found
> Error: Port php80-imagick not found
> Error: Port php80-pdflib not found
> Error: Port php80-scrypt not found
> Error: Port php80-vld not found
> Error: Port php80-xmlrpc not found
> Error: Port php80-yaz not found

Looking at for instance the Portfile for php-offline [0] I see 7.4 listed for php.branches, but 8.0 isn’t there, so there is no php80-pdflib port at the moment and this seems like expected behavior to me.

PHP 8.0 is currently only one month old. I am not familiar with these libraries and whether they are compatible with PHP 8.0 yet, but if they are I guess 8.0 just needs to be added to php.branches for these libs. You could create a merge request to add this if they are compatible. I imagine it could also be the case that these libs haven’t been updated for PHP 8.0 (yet).


[0] https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/blob/master/php/php-pdflib/Portfile
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