Packaging py-keyring

David Gilman davidgilman1 at
Sat Feb 1 22:01:24 UTC 2020

> I assume you wouldn't even be asking this if v21 was compatible, but
> then again, I would expect from developers that while they might be
> using v20 by default in their workflow, they should at least attempt
> to remain compatible with the latest release of their dependencies (or
> they might just as well declare to be compatible with python 2.7 only
> ...).

Unfortunately, the situation is worse: Python has some entry-point
machinery that double-checks the versions of installed dependencies at
runtime and refuses to start your program if installed deps are not
within the declared bounds.  Poetry explicitly declared that they only
want to use keyring packages in the v20 series.  And after looking at
keyring's changelogs it looks like they didn't even break anything in
the v21 series, they just declared that they're no longer supporting
the old versions and let everyone else deal with the fallout. So doing
a sed on the poetry package metadata to allow it to use v21 of keyring
is also a choice here and it might even work but has its own awful

David Gilman

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