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There is something I am not able to understand in base.

Looking into aclocal.m4, based on the version of  macOS, supported archs
are being determined. Based on them -arch flags are constructed.

For example, if using macos 10.13,
UNIVERSAL_ARCHFLAGS= -arch x86_64 -arch i386.

Would adding them to CFLAGS and compiling mean that the result would be
compatible with both x86_64 and i386? Or it it overriding the previous flag?
Doesn't it automatically default to the arch as per the os version without
using -arch flags?

As for what it makes sense, I assume its producing library to be
compatible with both x86_64 and i386. It is being used in darwintracelib1.0
and darwintracelib needs to be compatible with all supported archs on OS as
it is getting injected into the installation. How important is it to
support i386 as for now? Will it be okay if i386 support is withdrawn and
-arch is specified as x86_64 only?

Is there anyway to produce static libraries like this?
The best option I find is libtool -static -arch_only <arch> but that works
only if it's a single argument.

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