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Creating a static library from fat object files works fine as long as
> there's an index. That means using the -s option with ar, or running
> ranlib after creation. The usual command is "ar crs <libname>.a *.o".
I was making a static lib that can be used by both darwintracelib1.0 and

darwintracelib1.0 uses UNIVERSAL_ARCHFLAGS in its build and pextlib1.0

So, on Catalina, the build works as UNIVERSAL_ARCHFLAGS resolve to x86_64
But on 10.13, build fails as library is incompatible,

Probably, for that reason sip_copy_proc.c is copied from pextlib1.0 to
darwintracelib1.0 so that it is again separately compiled
as per darwintracelib1.0 flags.

I was thinking to add UNIVERSAL_ARCHFLAGS to pextlib1.0's build as well so
that the static lib is compatible with
both. I don't see what would be the issue if pextlib1.0 gets built for
multiple -archs.

Will it be okay to do so?

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