frotz patch

Joshua Root jmr at
Mon Feb 17 22:18:18 UTC 2020

On 2020-2-18 03:20 , Mark Brethen wrote:
> The frotz port includes a couple of patches:
> patch-src-common-main.c
> patch-src-common-process.c
> these change 'init_process ()’ to 'frotz_init_process ()’
> Is this necessary/desirable?

It's unlikely that someone would make a change like that without a
reason. Looking at the git history for the patchfiles leads to ticket
#1987, which says "The code had to be patched a bit to get around OS X
adopting init_process as a system library function".

It looks like that function declaration is no longer present on 64-bit
systems. Continuing to rename the function in frotz won't do any harm
and may allow it to continue to build on old systems.

- Josh

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