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Mohammed Rabeeh mohmmdrabeeh at
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My name is Mohammed Rabeeh. I'm a sophomore at the College of Engineering,
Trivandrum, India pursuing Computer Science & Engineering. I came across
MacPorts when I was going through the organization list and it caught my
eye. I have recently switched to Mac and my experience with it has been
great. I would love to contribute to MacPorts for GSoC '20.

I have a lot of experience with web. I have been building web applications
for around 5 years now. I have good knowledge of Javascript, PHP, and
Django. I have built APIs in Django and attended a lot of hackathons were
Django was extensively used as the backend.

I would like to work on mainly two projects,

1) The Django Web Application
2) Improving MacPorts documentation, website and trac system

I believe that my experience with web will make a really good candidate for
GSoC. I would also like details on these projects and would like to share
my thoughts and ideas with the mentor.

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