Is there a way to test ports on snow leopard

Joshua Root jmr at
Sun Mar 29 07:09:25 UTC 2020

On 2020-3-29 17:17 , Xim wrote:
> Dear Macport Developers,
> As the maintainer of stlink, I received a build failure message from the
> build bot, saying the port failed to build on snow leopard
> (
> I checked the log and identified the cause of build failure. Since I do
> not own a snow leopard machine, I wonder if there is a way for me to
> test a patch. By the way, builders of GitHub Pull Requests test only a
> few recent versions and some are marked to be allowed failures. May the
> build failure on snow leopard be tolerated ?
> Regards,
> Xim
> chenguokai17 at <mailto:chenguokai17 at>

Maintainers are only expected to keep their ports working on the latest
3 major releases of macOS, which right now means 10.13 and later. Older
versions may be supported at the maintainer's discretion, but users
should not be surprised if there are problems. Some users may submit
fixes for old systems, and it's nice to merge those if reasonable.

We don't have any form of remote access to build machines for testing,
if that's what you're asking. You would need to get someone with a 10.6
system to give you access, or set up a VM, if you want to do your own

In this case though, it looks more like a bug affecting 32-bit systems
rather than anything directly to do with the OS version. I imagine you'd
likely be able to reproduce the problem on 10.13 with build_arch=i386.

- Josh

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