GSOC 2020 & web app improvements

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Fri May 8 17:32:20 UTC 2020

Dear Arjun, dear MacPorters,

I would like to congratulate Arjun for being accepted into GSOC 2020
with the project of improving the website. He has
already been with us last year and made an awesome tool which he's
about to improve this year. We are also enormously helpful to have an
external expert on board, Amar Takhar, who volunteered to mentor the
project and without whom we really couldn't have done this, along with
Rajdeep who participated as a student last year.

Due to specific situation this year and the uncertainty of the
government and university rescheduling the semester, Arjun already
started working at full speed while at home, so the summer might end
up a bit earlier than officially scheduled.

The code is being developed inside the existing repository
The temporary site will run at
In addition to the communication via the mailing list we'll try using
the real-time chat at
I'll ask Arjun to keep the list up-to-date with at least bi-weekly
emails, but feel free to join the chat or ask further questions at any

The initial phase mostly concentrates on refactoring, speeding up and
cleaning up the code, also in order to make it easier for others to
contribute new code, while new features will be added once the code
base gets solid.

We received five proposals in total. I would like to thank all the
other students who applied this year. We were slightly more
conservative with the selection this year than we usually are,
partially due to the uncertain circumstances. We are still willing to
help you and work with you outside of the official GSOC program, so if
you would like to proceed with the projects, we will gladly help you
on the way.

Also a big thanks to all the volunteer mentors and org admin.


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