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Arjun Salyan arjun at
Sun May 17 16:48:43 UTC 2020

Dear all,

This email is regarding updates and future plans of the webapp ( enhancement project that I am working on as a part of
GSoC 2020 under the mentorship of Mojca, Amar Takhar, and Rajdeep Bharati.

We started with modifying the codebase to make it simpler but solid. This
would also make things easier for contributors. The project has been split
into smaller apps, and refactoring is still underway, being done app-by-app.

A new advanced search feature has been added (demo links below, under
testing as of now) using Solr search backend. Adding Solr as a dependency
would require more resources, but unfortunately, the current server
is already being utilized to its capacity. We, therefore, need to look for
other options to host the webapp, one of which is acquiring a VM from OSU
Open Source Lab (suggested by Amar). We also plan to add a caching engine
so that exploring the webapp remains smooth even with the ever-growing port
statistics data. This makes the need for a new host even more important.

The API has been completed (except for port stats, which is under
construction), everything stored by the webapp would be accessible easily
for other implementations. I am writing an OpenAPI spec for usage

This week we will finish adding Livecheck results on the webapp, which is
being achieved by having a working copy of MacPorts in an ubuntu based
docker container. This would allow filtering and viewing the ports which
have a newer version of the software available. Another feature to be added
is the list of the files installed by a port (will be fetched from

I will keep posting updates about future plans and completed tasks. Any
feature requests, feedback, or suggestion would be very constructive.

P.S: The changes have not been merged to the master and can only be tried
on the demo links given below.

Demo site:
Ubuntu image (running macports) :
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