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Arjun Salyan arjun at
Sun May 31 19:57:25 UTC 2020

Dear all,

This is in continuation to my previous email regarding the ongoing
up-gradation of the webapp.

*Finished tasks*
- Using a local macports installation (docker) we are able to display
livecheck results on the webapp.

- The advanced search page is almost complete in functionality and now
provides the ability to filter and find exactly what a user might need.
Livecheck filters can also be applied to find outdated ports or the ports
with broken livecheck. Example:
Filters for maintainers, categories and variants can also be applied. The
filters support autocompleting and suggestions.

- Files installed by a port are now stored in the database alongside build
history and displayed with port health. Example:

- The port page has been updated keeping in mind previous suggestions and
open issues. The code has also been simplified for easier maintenance.

- A twitter typeahead based search bar has been added to the hompage and
the header of all pages. It helps in quickly finding ports by matching with
the names, it also supports autocompleting.

*Ongoing tasks:*
- Improve page load time for statistics by drawing the charts after
asynchronously fetching data for each. This is being done on top of the
improved queries and a plan of caching the results (options: use of CDN as
suggested by Ryan, utilising django's support for in-memory caching).

- Drop dependency on Google Charts

- Finish the API endpoints for stats

 - Allow searching for ports by the files installed. We could really use
some suggestions on this, as to what type of lookups (exact, contains,
startswith, endswith etc.) would be good while allowing to search ports by
the files they install. Also, shall we consider matching with the full
path, just the file, or both?

Any feature requests or feedback would be helpful.

Thank you
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