Hardcoding Xcode.app

Andrew Janke floss at apjanke.net
Fri Oct 9 20:14:42 UTC 2020

Just one data point here, but as a sometimes Mac developer, I need to 
have multiple versions of Xcode installed side-by-side, and always 
rename them to Xcode-<version>.app; there's no /Applications/Xcode.app 
on my boxes. This isn't a standard thing, so on my system, `xcode-select 
-p` is the only reliable way of locating my Xcodes. I think other devs 
from the Homebrew side do the same thing, so you may have users in a 
similar situation too.

I believe that calling `xcode-select -p` is the standard system-provided 
way of locating Xcode and/or its related toolchain.


On 10/9/20 3:58 PM, Christopher Chavez wrote:
> Can MacPorts hardcode references to Xcode.app, by assuming it is at /Applications/Xcode.app (as when installed from the App Store), and/or that it will remain wherever it was found and won't ever be moved/deleted?
> I would think the answer is "no": it is outside of MacPorts' control, and some users have reason to switch between multiple installed Xcode versions.
> See https://trac.macports.org/ticket/58378#comment:7 . I think I have come across other instances of this issue, but can't remember where.
> Christopher A. Chavez

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