Xcode 12 on Catalina?

Christopher Chavez chrischavez at gmx.us
Fri Oct 16 03:49:59 UTC 2020

> I've been putting off the upgrade to XCode 12 for a while, since I kinda
> got burned by the upgrade from 10 to 11. I haven't seen any reports of
> problems with the new version, but I thought I'd ask -- any reason not to
> upgrade at this point?

It seems the most frequently encountered issue so far is how implicit function declarations are now considered errors rather than warnings; reportedly this is done because of ABI requirements of macOS on ARM 64-bit. There have been tickets steadily reported every few days for affected ports. Sometimes these are due to forgetting to include a header file and is easy to fix (sometimes upstream has already began fixing them). Other times it is "old-school" C programming habits of intentionally declaring functions implicitly, and is more tedious/difficult to fix particularly without upstream developer involvement.

Christopher A. Chavez

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