[MacPorts] #61327: py-rpy2 build fails with clang: error: unsupported option '-fopenmp'

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Fri Oct 16 16:46:38 UTC 2020

On Oct 15, 2020, at 22:57, Christopher Chavez wrote:

>> Comment (by kencu):
>> …Ryan has made it clear he does not want every build to be forced to a
>> macports clang compiler as that causes the drives on the buildbots to die
>> prematurely due to all the installing and uninstalling of macports-
>> clang-9.0 (or whichever is the head of the line at that time).
> Is this really something with no chance of being addressed, and which port maintainers and users will have to live with? Is it undesirable to swap-in another MacPorts prefix with e.g. clang 9.0 permanently installed? Or, rather than writing extracted ports to disk to install them, is it possible on macOS/would it not be undesirable to mount a prebuilt port's compressed archive and then overlay/union it at the prefix?

It's correct that I would rather people didn't blacklist compilers that are capable of building a port. It wastes user and buildbot time and wears out the buildbot SSDs unnecessarily.

If blacklisting a compiler is the only way to achieve a desired feature, such as OpenMP, then that's fine.

I would welcome improvements to MacPorts that reduce disk wear. I made a couple tickets about that:


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