Thoughts on switching our archive compression method

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Sep 24 14:00:09 UTC 2020

On Sep 24, 2020, at 08:39, Lothar Haeger wrote:
> Reading "xz" and "archive" in the same sentence reminds me of
> While it's easy to read the above as a rant of a disappointed competitor, he seems to make some valid points about why lzma/xz should be avoided, especially for long term archival purposes.

Thanks for pointing out that article. I wasn't aware of it or the deficiencies in the xz format that it alleges exist.

It sounds like lzip might be a better format, but macOS tar / libarchive doesn't know how to decompress lzip files, and lzip is GPL-2+ licensed so I would be wary about bundling it with MacPorts which is BSD licensed.

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