FAQ wording (was: Re: Desolate Condition)

Wowfunhappy@gmail.com wowfunhappy at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 14:15:32 UTC 2021

> It's a tricky thing to state both concisely and accurately because the 
> compilation may indeed happen on the user's computer after installation 
> is requested. Or it may not. The ambiguity of whether "be compiled" is a 
> verb in the passive voice ("the code is being compiled") or a 
> description of a state ("this is code compiled for x86_64") may reflect 
> the author's awareness of the undecidedness of which one will actually 
> happen.
> Improvements to the text's clarity are very welcome, of course.
> - Josh

What if the end of the first sentence was changed to: "ports will be installed for only the architecture you're currently running on."? Basically mirroring the other change made on Saturday.

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