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Frank Schima mf2k at macports.org
Tue Apr 6 16:28:29 UTC 2021

Hi Bjarne,

> On Apr 5, 2021, at 4:16 PM, Bjarne D Mathiesen <macintosh at mathiesen.info> wrote:
> As I see it, we've got several problems/issues :
> 2) how does one use macports in daily life ?
>   we've got a section :
>       https://trac.macports.org/wiki/howto
>   that we collectively ought try to promote better & bring up-to-date
>   & yes - I'm guilty here as the sections I've authored haven't been
>   kept updated :-( In my defence, I didn't experience much ethusiasm /
>   support for my efforts, so I more-or-less gave up.
>   There was/is a lot of negative put downs :
>   - "that's not recommended"
>   - "we don't do it that way"
>   instead of saying : "that's interesting !? why does he find it
>   necessary doing it that way ?!? could we incorporate his ideas &
>   improve upon them ?!?"
>   and generally no feedback at all.

We do have standards that aren’t always documented. Those hopefully get communicated with PR reviews. No one on the project is negative IMHO but I agree we aren’t always overly positive. If feedback is not followed then PRs tend to not get accepted. Please don’t take it personally. Also sometimes no one has gotten to it. Successful contributors who eventually become committers are the ones who are persistant self starters and follow our established standards. People who are knowledgable and contribute a lot of time and code can establish new standards. 

> 4) Public Relations
>   As has been stated elsewhere, almost nobody knows about macports.
>   Everybody references brew. I've just read a book on how to work with
>   Terminal :
>       https://www.apress.com/gp/book/9781484261705
>   and the go-to package manager is brew. Some of the stuff mentioned
>   installed with brew isn't present in macports, but those are minor
>   issues.
>   A course of action ought to be, that when one of us sees brew
>   referenced as !the! way to install something, then to take contact
>   and get the site to reference macports too.

Yes it’s safe to say that we don’t have anyone on the project who actively promotes it. We tend to simply fix and update ports and not be political or grandstanding about it. In the past, I have asked a few upstream projects to mention Macports as a method to install their project and given them instructions to use. 


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