OpenSSL GPL conflict (was: Re: License GPL-2 conflicts with OpenSSLException)

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Apr 17 02:05:29 UTC 2021

On Apr 16, 2021, at 20:33, Fred Wright wrote:

> On Fri, 16 Apr 2021, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> "hydrogen" is not distributable because its license "GPL-2" conflicts with license "OpenSSLException" of dependency "qt5-qtbase"
>> Does this make sense or is there an error in the script? Why would GPL-2 or anything conflict with OpenSSLException? It's just an exception. It lifts some restrictions imposed by the GPL. It shouldn't be imposing additional restrictions itself, should it?
> For that matter, IMO this whole business of the OpenSSL license conflicting with the GPL is a bunch of nonsense (at least in the typical MacPorts scenario).  Since when does *dynamically* linking against an *unbundled* shared library constitute "redistribution" of said library? And if anyone tries to claim that merely including the bits necessary to link against the library is "redistribution", the recent SCOTUS ruling in Oracle v. Google should put that to rest.

Since you're now asking a different question than what I was asking, let's retitle the thread.

I'm not aware of the Oracle / Google ruling.

The reason why the OpenSSL license and GPL conflict, unless an exception is granted, when the OpenSSL is not part of the operating system, is explained here:

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