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Mon Apr 19 17:58:02 UTC 2021

> Le 19 avr. 2021 à 16:47, Karl-Michael Schindler <karl-michael.schindler at> a écrit :
> My next steps is to write to them.

That's something that each port maintainers could do with their upstream maintainers. 

From my experience, upstream maintainers are happy to help if, in addition to code and test patches, you _contribute documentation/wiki/website patches_ to mention MacPorts.

> I also want to extent the maintainer part of the docs with the direct to port maintainer to check upstream download and install pages.

The MacPorts PR checklist on GitHub could also include something like:

	[ ] If applicable, ensure that the upstream documentation has MacPorts installation instructions.

Speaking of the PR checklist, the "Tested On" section could include the architecture name:

	echo "macOS $(sw_vers -productVersion) $(sw_vers -buildVersion) on $(uname -m)"

As I'm now testing both on x86_64 and arm64, that's something I try to include in my PRs...

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