openmpi-* subports, and publishing of binaries

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Tue Apr 27 23:15:57 UTC 2021

[My previous reply looks like it may be stuck in the mailman queue, and/or rejected. So re-sending with additional info.]

Well, the investigation is all on me, barring a definitive answer from someone more knowledgable.

But after a lot of scouring, I haven’t found anything in the OpenMPI documentation - or on the web in-general - that suggests binaries are tied to a build machine’s specific hardware.

So what I’m asking is, should we just go ahead and update openmpi-* to publish binaries?

> On 2021-04-27-T, at 18:13, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
>> On Apr 27, 2021, at 17:10, Christopher Nielsen wrote:
>> As a follow-up to this thread, I recently noticed that we’ve been publishing binaries for port hwloc for quite some time. And openmpi is utilizing that library, apparently without any issues. (Confirmed by the dependencies of the openmpi-* binaries, via otool.)
>> So I’m wondering if perhaps there were issues years back, but that’s no longer the case?
>> It sure would be awesome to publish binaries for openmpi-* ports, as they take quite a while to build.
>> Thoughts?
> I haven't investigated and don't plan to because I have a lot of other things to do! :)
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