Haskell Stack Ports on Apple Silicon

Steven Smith steve.t.smith at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 17:07:58 UTC 2021

I have an M1 box on which I’d like to install some haskell ports.

The good news: `sudo port install stack` works and the binary runs on an M1.

But when I try to install, e.g., pandoc, I hit this architecture mismatch error:

> Cannot install pandoc for the arch 'arm64' because
> It’s dependency stack is only installed for the arch 'x86_64'
> and does not have a universal variant.
> Unable to execute port: architecture mismatch

I’d like to start hacking a Portfile update that will either compile pandoc on the M1 with stack, or install the x86_64 binary and hope it runs, like the x86_64 stack binary does.

Would someone please suggest the correct Portfile incantations?

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