Haskell Stack Ports on Apple Silicon

Steven Smith steve.t.smith at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 12:16:08 UTC 2021

I confirm that this approach does not work on an M1 Mac.

Trying to install a stack portion an M1—whether or not `supported_archs x86_64` is set—throws this architecture mismatch error when trying to install on the M1:

> Cannot install shellcheck for the arch 'arm64' because
> It’s dependency stack is only installed for the arch 'x86_64'
> and does not have a universal variant.
> Unable to execute port: architecture mismatch

This appears to be a functional bug in MacPorts that prevents installation of working x86_64 binaries on the M1.

If it is “correct” to specify `supported_archs x86_64` in the Portfile, there must be a way to avoid the error above.

> On Aug 15, 2021, at 00:37, Joshua Root <jmr at macports.org> wrote:
> On 2021-8-15 14:11 , Ken Cunningham wrote:
>> IF pandoc set it’s supported_archs to x86_64 (which then matches stack) — would that now install properly on an M1 Mac, using the fallback archs?
> Yes.
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