Portfiles for an OpenStreetMap Tile Server

Frank Dean frank at fdsd.co.uk
Sun Aug 29 12:02:46 UTC 2021

I have a few questions to ask in relation to a series of Portfiles that
I have created to support installing and running a map tile server for
OpenStreetMaps [1].

[1]: https://switch2osm.org/serving-tiles/

The logical Portfiles:

- libprotozero - library required by libosmium


- libosmium - library required by osmium-tool


- osmium-tool - application required at runtime by mod_tile/renderd


- osmosis - Java application required at runtime by mod_tile/renderd


- openstreetmap-carto - style sheets used by mod_tile/renderd


- mod_tile/renderd - the OpenStreetMaps tile server


1.  Should I submit each Portfile in dependency order and await its
    acceptance before submitting the next in sequence, or submit them
    in dependency related batches in a single pull request?

2.  The primary port is 'mod_tile' which contains an Apache module for
    serving the tiles and a 'renderd' daemon that renders and creates
    tile images based on requests from 'mod_tile'.  Both artefacts are
    created in a single build.

    I have currently named the port 'renderd', but the project is
    commonly known as 'mod_tile'.  Naming the port 'renderd' was the
    only way I could succeed in the 'renderd' startup item being loaded
    via the 'sudo port load ${subport}' command.

    Is there a better way of naming and creating this port, perhaps as

3.  Getting the tile server up and running requires quite a number of
    steps.  I have created a shell script to largely automate the
    process.  At runtime it uses scripts from both 'openstreetmap-carto'
    and 'mod_tile/renderd', so doesn't immediately sit comfortably being
    installed with either of them.

    Is it best to create a simple separate standalone port (without an
    upstream project), containing just the shell script, naming it
    something like 'osm-tile-server' and depending on the other two
    ports; or simply include it in one of the other ports with runtime
    checks for the existence of required executables with helpful error
    messages when they're absent?

Many thanks,


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